Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elearning second location - Harbourfront Amelia Pang (1)

From the beginning as "Harbourfront Corporation", it was a federal crown corporation established in 1972.Harbourfront Centre was formed on January 1, 1991 as a non-profit charitable organization with a say and voice to organise and present public events.It is also allowed to operate a 10-acre site encompassing York Quay and John Quay.

Now, Harbourfront has three towers of which one of them is the starting point of the cable car ride.Harbourfront tower 1 and 2 are office buildings while tower 3 is the shopping area where many shops open daily to welcome in a new wave of customers.

Harbourfront Centre is also well-known for its Cruise centre where many ships and boats leave the dock everyday and set off to other destinations.At night, when the lights come on, the cruise centre is lit up and the bright lights reflect of the surface of the water, creating a nice and special effect.

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